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Addiction is a physical or psychological dependence on something, to the point where it could be harmful to oneself or others. Some of the most common addictions are drugs (either legal or illicit), alcohol and gambling. However, it’s possible to get addicted to anything, even things that are generally thought of as harmless. 

People who are addicted to something generally have trouble exercising control over how much and when they use it. They can also become dependent on it to get through daily life which can have negative physical, psychological and social effects.

Addictions can range from mild to severe, mild being tolerable and severe being potentially devastating and life-ruining. If someone is at the point where addictions are affecting their quality of life and overall functioning, it is important to seek treatment.

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Types of Addictions

Alcohol/Binge Drinking

Alcohol and binge drinking are some of the most common addictions in society. Due to the social embrace of alcohol as well as its easy access, alcohol and binge drinking are prevalent. There is no safe level of alcohol that one can drink. Any more than 10 standard drinks consumed per week is considered problem drinking.

Drug addiction - Cigarettes, Cannabis & Cocaine

People can form addictions to Cigarettes, Cannabis (also referred to as marijuana, weed or pot) and Cocaine as well. Each can be harmful in their own way, and be more addictive in comparison to one another depending on the person.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling also comes up as a common addiction. Some people will be more vulnerable to the addictive nature of gambling. Some will take little interest and experience low to no risk of becoming addicted, whereas some will become extremely likely to develop a problem habit.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a broad term that can encompass various activities and compulsions. Some include addictions to the activity of sex itself with partners or prostitutes, massage parlour addiction or online cheating or affairs.

Internet Addiction

High-speed broadband internet is relatively cheap and can be found in many parts of modern society. It’s something that has become a necessity in most peoples lives. But with all of its positive benefits, there are downsides. With an endless online world of infinite and abundant content and entertainment, it is a vice that is easily abused. It is likely one of the most commonly shared addictions among people. Some can moderate their use but many cannot control the amount of time poured into using the internet.

Masturbation Addiction

Masturbation addiction and chronic masturbation may be on the rise since the birth of the internet and porn. It can become a compulsion and something difficult to control and get rid of for some.

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Porn Addiction

There has been a drastic increase in porn addiction since the prevalence of the internet and internet porn websites. With the abundance of porn at the tips of one’s fingers on their computer and widespread high-speed internet, porn is all too readily available. Quick and easy accessibility alone makes for less of a barrier to entry compared to other addictions which may take more time and effort to indulge. For that reason, as well as technology being necessary in many peoples lives makes for a challenging addiction to manage.

Gaming Addiction

With the invention of phone, internet and online games, as well as gaming consoles, gaming addiction has become a lot more prevalent. With the number of new games as well as the improved quality, gaming has become a vice that many have fallen victim to. It is something that affects both young kids and older adults.

Symptoms of Addiction

People can be oblivious to their addiction until they experience symptoms that indicate they are physically or psychologically dependent on something. The signs of an addiction are:

  • Feeling pulled and compelled to indulge in a certain activity over and over again, despite the fact that it is interfering with normal life.
  • Other things they like begin to lose interest or appeal
  • Stealing or selling things to support the addictive behaviour
  • Experiencing feelings of anger, irritability, violence, moodiness, anxiety or depression
  • Eating or sleeping habits, weight gain or a decline of physical or mental health
  • Having physical symptoms like feeling sick, shaking or tremoring
  • Socially isolating and spending less time around family and friends

Causes of Addiction

Addictions can start for many reasons. For example, drugs, alcohol and nicotine affect your body and mind in a way that is easy to enjoy. This feeling can create a desire to use these substances again. If you are dependent on a substance, not taking it can trigger unpleasant withdrawal symptoms or a ‘come down’, and in some cases even cause physical sickness.

When it comes to gambling, it may result in a similar feeling of euphoria after a win, followed by an urge to try again and re-create that high.

In regards to other addictions like sex, masturbation, porn, internet and gaming, the immediate accessibility of some makes it easy to fall victim to them. For example with the internet, porn and gaming, all it can take is simply turning on a device and accessing a website or game in someone’s own bedroom. The lack of barriers to indulge that impulse (not having to go out to obtain the vice, like alcohol for eg) can make the behaviours increase in frequency and therefore turn into addictions easier.

People with certain genetic factors can be more likely to develop addictions. Environmental factors, such as being brought up by parents who are addicted, can also increase the risk. An addiction can be a way of escaping from difficult issues. Being unemployed or in poverty can increase the risk of addiction, along with stress and emotional or professional pressure.

Addiction Treatment

a man needing alcohol counseling in sydneyManaging an addiction can be difficult and stressful, and it can have serious effects on a person’s work performance, relationships as well as physical and mental health. If serious addictions go untreated there can be severe consequences to one’s life.

Fortunately, there are many resources out there that can help. There are many addiction counselling services in Sydney or your city, as well as GP’s and hospitals and mental health professionals to contact. 

Some addictions to substances can make people erratic, unpredictable or violent. If you’re concerned about the safety of someone or you call the police on triple zero (000).

You can find many an addiction therapist online or an addiction specialist in Sydney.

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