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Psychologist Crows Nest - To Help You Feel Better

Helping adults get back on track with personalised therapy by psychologists in Crows Nest

Psychologist Crows Nest

Proudly helping the Crows Nest community for over 8 years

Right next door to our offices in North Sydney, we offer face to face and online therapy with our counsellors in Crows Nest.

Ours is a space that is completely open-minded, caring and non-judgemental where you can express yourself freely and get whatever you need off your chest.

You’re a unique individual with a unique experience and we acknowledge and respect that.

We’re dedicated to helping you overcome whatever you are dealing with and find clear and direct ways to achieve your goals.

No matter your wants and needs, we are here at your service to help you feel better and thrive by however means possible.

Services: What Do You Need Help With?

Methods - Something For Everyone

Therapy Styles Used By Our Psychologists In Crows Nest To Help Treat Your Issues

1. Most Famous Method

The original therapy method for issues like anxiety, depression and stress (and most others) is called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). It’s essentially about learning to change unhelpful beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that are causing you issues. This method has been scientifically proven to be effective for many people.

2. The More Zen Way

There’s a therapy method called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which evolved from CBT that takes principles from Buddhism like “mindfulness”. It’s more about learning to sit with and observe thoughts and feelings arise and not trying to change or react to them. It’s an effective method that helps you to function better and a lot of evidence has been shown to prove this.

3. Less Talk More Action

If your personality doesn’t resonate with CBT or ACT and you prefer a more to-the-point approach there’s something called Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT). It is a purely goal-oriented and solution-focused method. It’s pretty simple – we work out exactly what you want and find ways to get you there and solutions to achieve that.

4. Distress-Coping Method

A powerful method for treating issues such as personality disorders, complex trauma, PTSD, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, depression, self-harm and suicidality is called Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). It has a range of tools and coping strategies to manage intense negative emotions and distress. Much evidence shows its effectiveness for many people.

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Why Us?

Highly Qualified

Fully certified Clinical Psychologists in Crows Nest. It also means you get the highest Medicare Rebate amount ($125)

8 Years Experience

We have over 8 years of clinical experience helping hundreds of clients ranging from children to older adults. Much has been in public hospitals, private hospitals, and private practice

Results Oriented

We use detailed questionaires at the start of and across sessions. We analyse scores to see what areas are improving and where more focus is required.

Flexible & Adaptable

Sessions are always client centred. It is about your time and your goals and we strive to facilitate that no matter what your needs and wants are.

Mitchell Howarth - Founder of Howarth Psychological Services & Principal Psychologist

Education, Training & Credentials

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology (Honours) – Macquarie University.
  • Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology) degree – University of Western Sydney.
  • Credited by the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) to treat a range of psychological issues, particularly anxiety which is my specialty
  • Registered with and regulated by Ahpra
  • Bulk Bill Psychologist in Crows Nest associated with Medicare

Make an appointment

We will call to answer any questions you may have before your session

In the first session, we discuss your goals and the obstacles that have been holding you back

When we know what you want, we will then use powerful treatments of CBT, ACT, and DBT to help you reach your goals


Most frequent questions and answers

Our rates are $220 per hour for a 50 minute session. However you can get a $125 Medicare rebate (via a mental health care plan which you can get from your GP)

Our office is located in North Sydney just a 5 minute drive from Crows Nest.

Yes we offer both! Whatever you prefer we can do sessions in our office or online via a video session

In the first session, we will discuss the challenges you face and what your goals are with therapy. We will work out a plan for getting you to where you want to go. We will discuss some ideas of how to proceed and you can give us guidance on what you want to discuss and how you would like the sessions to be. Rest assured, if you are feeling nervous, it is very normal. We are here to guide and help you and be as accomodating as possible.

Get In touch

Have a question for our psychologists in Crows Nest or are not sure where to start?

Reach out, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Location Of Our Office Where Our Crows Nest Psychologists Practice

street view of Mitchell Howarth's practice who is a psychologist in north shore